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26 years old,from Philippines…I'm not a professional make up artist, I love to read blogs and my Favorite Make up guru is Michelle Phan. I like reviewing products that I love to used. I have a great passion for make up and fashion. I may love make up very much but I am not that girlie. Although there are times where I am, we have our times we're we have to be tough and speak for ourselves. I like to learn and try out new things! I don't claim myself to be an artist because I'm not. I am only still a beginner and still learning new things I've never known!. My personal style varies depending on my mood. I can be sporty 1 day, and feminine the next day. I love playing around with my clothes. I mix and match and I like super dressy too.
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My Skin Care Routine

Hello guys!...I received a lot of comments regarding Mestiza soap and Garnier products and lot of you guys are suffering from ACNE so I post a new blog about my Updated Skin Care Routine.I had a lot of pimples (High school days!).I used different products like Ponds, Clean and Clear, Panoxyl, Cyleina Soap, etc.(don't remember na!)Then Year 2007 I decided to go to FLAWLESS, I had 4 sessions of Acne Control Facial-a treatment for acne-prone skin, the facial targets the bacteria that cause acne. Finish off with an Antiseptic Mask with antibacterial and healing properties that work simultaneously to diminish and prevent acne.I also bought Flawless Acne Control Kit.I'm Happy coz my pimple dries so fast!Unlike before that my forehead is full of pimples..nyak!..Right now I'm using my favorite products that helps me to prevent acne, deeply cleanses and smoothes my skin.

Note: My skin type is oily/combination and acne prone.


Mestiza Soap- Used daily and night time. It helps clear pimples, black spots and stains on skin. Helps in skin whitening and helps lessen bad odor.I love it!SUPER!..proven na!my fam and friends use it.P50.00 only!

St. Ives Blemish & Blackhead Control Apricot Scrub-Used twice a week.It does clean my huge pores well.I like it because it works the cleanser into your skin and exfoliates well.

Garnier Light Complete Multi-action whitening cream-I am loving this product.I used this one as a Make up base.

Garnier PureA Daily Moisturizer -is specially formulated for skin that is prone to imperfections, visible pores or blotches.I love it because it has salicylic acid and zinc which is good for oily and acne prone skin.I Used Night time only.Sad to say this product is already phased out!I don't know why.

Garnier pure pore tightening astringent-It helps more on acne control for me more than oil control. I got it for P169 for the 150ml size (there's just 1 size) and is available at any drugstore or supermarket or department store locally.

Kojic San- For my body, I used this one.

That's it! Those are the products I use daily to keep my skin somewhat good looking. What are your favorite skin care items? Leave me a comment!Tnx!


Anonymous said...

i also use whitening bar soap for my face :D i use cy gabriel and it works well too :D this inspires me to do a skin care post too :D

jezzhae said...

good for you...tnx for the comment Hannah!

jezzhae said...

can't wait to see your post hannah..

D.Sadie said...

Nice! Thanks for sharing. You have beautiful skin.


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jezzhae said...

Hehe...super thanks to mestiza soap
Thanks sa info!..i already join, can't see the follow button via GFC in your blog?..HOW can i follow your blog tru blogspot?.

Gayle said...

I think Garnier works pretty well, but if I could swear by one product, Pond's whitening creams are really good. I swear! And I guess it helps that I rarely ever go under the sun :D


Lina Kim ♥ said...

thanks for sharing yours, my favorite skincare product is one from BRTC and NOPS =D korean brand.hehe

jezzhae said...

@ Lina Kim, you are korean? nice...thanks for the comment

123chachi said...

ate. san po ba makakabili ng mestiza cuz we looked in mercury drug somewhere in pasay city mercury drugs , wala daw.. san po b yung specific mercury drug branch meron neto? thank you po

devorelebeaumonstre. said...


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Inge Lakawa said...

ohh thats nice. you have nice skin :D

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kamlesh sharma said...

Hi everybody! I want share about non surgical facelift means tight your skin without surgery in care of best doctor & latest technology, because I take their service and their service is better than other hospital. Non surgical Facelift .

Jean Lharra de Guzman said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jana Jani said...

How nice information! My favorite post, If you know. how to tan faster then let me know.

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